Available for Touring

Devised by the company.

Directed by Amy Lewis

Videography by Jon Plimmer & Dilesh Patel
Lighting Design by Louise Gregory 

Commissioning Partners: Arts Council England, New Diorama

& University of the Arts, London.



"If you could hold on to only one memory for the rest of your life,

which one would you choose?"


Dissolve was inspired by several true accounts of memory loss, including fascinating cases such as Jill Bolte Taylor, who suffered a stroke and lost all memory of her former self, in turn having to rebuild herself from the beginning;  and the case of Clive Wearing, who was struck by a rare form of the herpes virus that ate holes in his hippocampus, leaving him with a seven second memory – always awakening for the first time. 


 Our interest was first sparked by the notion of without memory we are left without identity –  and how would we even begin the journey to re-finding ourselves? 


Dissolve takes the audience on a journey of forgetting; being lost in a silent mind and struggling to find coherence. Using real-time footage, we offer a split perspective from the view-point of our fictional character, Olivia, as her world is constructed and deconstructed around her.


In our day-to-day lives, we often capture small moments on film, to share and look back on as proof of who we are and who we were.  Like a broken tape head, Olivia sees, but she does not record. 


Reviews & Blogs:


:: A Younger Theatre "The fusion of performance with artistic live video footage is..." - read more...

:: On in Online "effortlessly fluent..."

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As Within,

So Without



Available for Touring


Devised by the company.

Directed by Amy Lewis

Commissioning Partners: Northern Stage and New Diorama


"In my last relationship my partner was manipulative, controlling and incredibly unhappy.

I was devastated when he walked away."


As Within, So Without was developed by the company through a series of improvisations based on real-life experiences. We observed human interactions, shared our experiences of relationship patterns and invited others to do the same. What happens if we don't learn from our mistakes - do we just repeat and relive the same relationship in different people? 


Reviews & Quotes:


:: Peoples Republic of South Devon "...moments were highlighted and reminded you of similar moments in your own life." read more...

:: Amy Fawcett, Arts Council North East: 

"The performance of As Within, So Without was beautiful, touching and imaginative and I look forward to seeing more from this talented, exciting young company."

:: Barry Ramshaw, Tobacco Factory scout:

"Breathes new life into a timeless theme with a winning combination of intelligence, sensitivity and wit. A sharp script and convincing performances ensures that this clever look at the snakes-and-ladders world of the relationship repeatedly hits the target."